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Kids like to move – so let’s give them every chance to do so!

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Not sure where to start? Don’t have enough time? Try these tips!

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Already moving? Here's how to deal with setbacks and make exercise a habit.

Live Active

Does "exercise" turn you off? Try moving more with an active lifestyle instead.

Congratulations! You’ve started a lifestyle that includes regular physical activity. Unfortunately, we know that of people who begin an exercise program, 50% will drop out between 3 and 6 months. Why? Some people have unrealistic goals for their activity, and others get hurt because of improper preparation or equipment. So, planning ahead is a good thing! One way you can do that is to actually write out possible roadblocks to your exercise (it rains, you have a very busy week, you lose your walking partner) and then brainstorm how you would handle those situations.

Another reason for potential setbacks is that people get bored with what they are doing. For that reason many professionals recommend switching up our routines – for example, doing intervals (walk/run programs, or varying the incline and/or speed of your treadmill). The bottom line is, to keep active we need to continue to think about our physical activity, continue to challenge ourselves and get creative! 

Keep Going

Be sure to check out the smartphone apps listed on the “Get Moving” page for ways to mix up your workout!