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Active Kids

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Active Kids

Kids like to move – so let’s give them every chance to do so!

Get Moving

Not sure where to start? Don’t have enough time? Try these tips!

Keep Going

Already moving? Here's how to deal with setbacks and make exercise a habit.

Live Active

Does "exercise" turn you off? Try moving more with an active lifestyle instead.

Children love to move! One of the top reasons children love to play sports is because they’re fun. Sports allow children to learn new skills, make new friends, and improve their basic motor skills. We are lucky to have many wonderful programs in the Charlottesville and surrounding area. Below you’ll find a number of resources for parents, teachers, childcare providers, or anyone else looking to increase activity in children and adolescents!

  • PE Central

    This website has specific programs for kids. Useful for teachers, summer camp counselors, or anyone looking for ways to motivate kids to be active!

  • Kids Health

    An interesting and well done website all about motivating kids to be active. Check the sections listing activities to do with specific age groups, as well as the discussion of different “fitness personalities” (in English and Español).

  • Let’s Move

    Michelle Obama’s campaign against obesity. A great overall website; check the Get Active tab for lots of good information about setting fitness goals and ways families can work together at being more active! (Available in English and Español)

  • Healthy Children

    How can you get your child to turn off the TV and become more active? This website, written by pediatricians, gives some helpful advice.


Links for local organizations promoting activity for kids