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Want to create a healthier eating environment at home? In this section, you will be linked to resources that will help you plan, shop, cook and gain access to healthy food for all ages from infants to adults.


Want to know how to eat healthy at school? This section will help you make good choices at school and when you snack. Learn how to cook and eat out too!


Do you feel like you work all the time and have no time to pack your own healthy lunches or make a healthy dinner? Think again. This section provides resources to help the employee pack and eat healthfully on a time budget.


What's going on in your community? Look here for announcements of local events that will help you and your family eat better.


is a very good place to start! We recommend breastfeeding as the best nutrition for newborns – and ideally, nothing but breastmilk up to the first six months of life. After six months, other foods may be given while continuing to breastfeed. This section also has information about formula feeding, how to obtain additional help and supplies, and how to begin to introduce solid foods.


During the first year, babies’ mouths develop from being able only to suck and swallow to being able to chew. As babies continually mature, their food and feeding patterns must continue to change.


As a parent or caregiver, one of your more important roles is to help your child learn to enjoy a variety of healthy foods from all the food groups. When preschoolers develop a taste for many types of foods, it’s easier for you to plan your family meals.


Ah, what to pack for lunch for your growing child? This section contains information and tips about cooking, eating out and fun things to do with your school-aged child.