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Want to create a healthier eating environment at home? In this section, you will be linked to resources that will help you plan, shop, cook and gain access to healthy food for all ages from infants to adults.


Want to know how to eat healthy at school? This section will help you make good choices at school and when you snack. Learn how to cook and eat out too!


Do you feel like you work all the time and have no time to pack your own healthy lunches or make a healthy dinner? Think again. This section provides resources to help the employee pack and eat healthfully on a time budget.


What's going on in your community? Look here for announcements of local events that will help you and your family eat better.

General Healthy Eating Tips

  • MyPlate.gov – a government site that provides information, menus, trackers to help you and your family eat better.

  • BAM! – CDC’s site for school-aged children. Provides games, recipes and other fun stuff to engage your children.

  • This one’s for college students–here are some tips on how to eat the right foods to get your brain and body ready to learn!


Resources and links for ideas for packing healthy lunches for the whole family.

  • EatingWell provides healthy kids lunch recipes and tips.

  • Parenting.com provides many ideas and recipes for packing lunches, especially for younger children.


Resources and links for snack ideas perfectly suited for youngsters (and adults too!)

Kid Chefs

Want to have fun in the kitchen with your children? Look here.

  • Kids Eat Right – this website provides articles and tips to teach your family how to shop smarter for healthy foods.

  • Healthy recipes and menus that kids love.

  • Kids Eat Right This resource from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics offers many tips, articles, and recipes to help you and your family cook healthier.

  • Kid-Friendly meals and snacks from Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Eating Out

Eating away from home nutritionally can be challenging. These resources will prepare you for the adventure of eating out (all chain restaurants have nutrition information on their foods available on their website and usually at their site).

  • Academy of Nutrition and Dieteticsproviding an array of resources from how to choose a restaurant to what to order for your kids.